Tackling and Overcoming Work From Home Hiccups

Little hiccups throughout the workday are inevitable. It’s all about how to handle them.

Lack of Energy 

Sitting in front of the computer for hours on end can take a toll on our energy and bring on fatigue. 

We get it – when you’re in the zone, time can fly by. One minute it is noon, and the next, it’s almost dinner time! 

That isn’t always a bad thing. 

You have to remember to set aside some time to walk away from the screen and move your body. 

Practicing gentle stretches or walking around the block a couple of times a day can increase energy levels and prevent fatigue. 

Internet Difficulties

Internet difficulties happen all the time, and unfortunately, there isn’t much we can do to prevent them. 

Even though glitchy WiFi can be very frustrating, it doesn’t have to impact your mood. 

The very first thing you can do is call your team and let them know what’s happening, so they aren’t wondering where you are.

While you wait for things to get back on track, you can spend some time working on projects that don’t require the Internet, such as editing Word documents.

Remember, you have experienced technical difficulties in the past, and chances are you will again. 

Try and be patient; you’ll be back on track before you know it. 


No matter where or when you work, little distractions will always pop up.

Not all of them can be prevented – but a handful of them certainly can.

Muting social media notifications, only checking email twice a day or purchasing noise-cancelling headphones can help limit distractions and keep you in the zone.