Feeling Stuck? Here’s How to Move Forward

Have you been feeling a little unmotivated lately? 

Well, you may be stuck in a rut. However, with some self-compassion and determination, you can turn things around. 

Rearrange Your Routine 

If you find yourself comfortably slipping into the same habits, challenge yourself to switch things up. 

Take a new route to work (even if it adds a few minutes to the commute), read a book in a genre you have never dived into before, or complete your daily chores in a different order. These small lifestyle changes can make a huge difference in your overall motivation and energy levels. 

Have Quality Time With Yourself 

Part of feeling unstuck comes with self-compassion and taking care of yourself.

Getting enough sleep, spending time with people who support you, and checking in with yourself are all aspects of self-care. 

Sometimes the most productive and healthy thing you can do is call it a day a couple of hours earlier than you normally do and get lost in a good book. 

Find Motivation 

When motivation doesn’t find you, go out and find it.

Just because you woke up one morning feeling a little unmotivated, that doesn’t have to set the tone for the entire day. You have more control over your feelings and actions than you give yourself credit for.

You’ve got this.