Overcoming Procrastination in 2022

I don’t know what I should do.

I am afraid I will fail.

I keep getting distracted.

I don’t have what it takes to move forward. 

If any of those thoughts sound familiar, you are not alone. Starting something new can be scary. And when something scares us, we can often procrastinate. 

The limiting beliefs we listed above are feelings. And feelings are not facts. 

Just because something feels true doesn’t mean it is. Remember – limiting beliefs are easy to form. But they are also easy to break. 

Success Breeds Success

Small wins are far from small.

Appreciating and acknowledging previous small wins can give you a newfound confidence boost when you need it the most.

Thinking about previous success stories can help remind you that you are strong and have what it takes to succeed in whatever you want to do. 

The next time you catch yourself feeling afraid to start a new task – don’t dive in headfirst. Instead, do something unrelated that you know you excel in.

Doing so can help get your creative juices flowing and your confidence soaring.

Having No Limits is Limiting

Being faced with too many options can be stressful. 

Having unlimited options in front of us can often lead to feelings of indecisiveness.  

Instead of spending time and energy sorting through dozens of options, pick the one that feels best at that moment.

You can always change your mind later on if need be.

Act The Way You Want to Feel

It’s so easy to tell yourself, “I will go to the gym or apply for that job once I feel motivated.”

When we wait for motivation, we risk it never finding us.  

When we go out and find motivation, we secure it.

We can’t always force ourselves to feel a certain way out of the blue. 

However, we can go out of our way to engage in activities that we know bring us joy, confidence and motivation.

If listening to a certain song makes you feel upbeat and motivated, listen to it more often!

“Action will destroy your procrastination.”  – Og Mandino