Gentle Yoga Online Class with Amalia (Thursdays at 11am)


Amalia Coxe-Trieger

In this class we will take time to settle into ourselves and to release some of the “shoulds” about how our bodies move through the world. Dominant culture pushes narratives on us about how we ought to think, love, look, eat, work, perform, and relate to one another. More and more people are recognizing the harmful impacts of these narratives, which equate our worth as humans with our productivity, and which center whiteness, thinness, ableism and many other damaging “norms”. The truth is that even folks who don’t identify with marginalized identities are impacted negatively by this narrow view of what is acceptable or good enough. The dissonance of these social constructs often shows up in our bodies, as fatigue, anxiety, pain, grief, rage, numbness, confusion, and fear.
In our gentle yoga practices, we create space for the unwinding and dissolving of these unhelpful narratives, as we unwind tension and stress from our bodies. We build strength and stability as we learn to trust our own wisdom, and form our own definitions of enough. We learn to be curious and open to wonder as we relinquish prescribed notions about how to live in our bodies, and the wider world.
This class will feature fewer transitions from the floor to standing, will have options for fully seated/chair-supported practices, and will move at an unhurried pace. Questions and requests are always welcome.