Earth Day

April 22nd marks when nearly 200 countries observe Earth Day – a holiday that consists of advocating for both policy and environmental change on a global scale. a time when we can invest in our planet. We can create a more sustainable future by helping the environment, one small act at a time.

You can take this opportunity to get involved in your community by picking up trash from neighborhoods, beaches or parks to help prevent any harm to wildlife.  We can all try to find ways to reduce the waste and pollution around us. 

There are other ways we can cut down on our carbon footprint, even in our daily lives. Here are some ways we can celebrate Earth Day.

  • Find alternative transportation to driving (such as biking, carpooling, or taking public transportation).
  • Plant a seed in the ground and help it grow.
  • Use natural cleaners in your home.
  • Use a refillable water bottle to cut down on plastic. 
  • Bring reusable bags to take with you shopping or to the grocery store. 
  • Try to go zero waste at home

Implementing some of these activities can help us reuse, reduce, and recycle more often. We can be kind to the planet by treating it the way we want to be treated. 

While making changes to our lifestyle is one way we can help, getting politically active can also help our voices be heard and push for more widespread change. Consider contacting nonprofit environmental organizations to get involved or make a donation.  Green Dreamer has an extensive list of these organizations, including ones that focus on social and environmental justice, conservation and reforestation, wildlife protection, climate justice, ecological agriculture, and ocean conservation. 

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