Women’s Health Month

Women’s Health Month is observed throughout the month of May and is an awareness event that recognizes the different physical and mental concerns experienced by women and people who were assigned female at birth. From menopause to cervical cancer to childbirth, this is an important opportunity to raise awareness through educational campaigns with the goal being to empower people to prioritize their health.

Women’s health concerns can get discounted.  But 75% of new parents (especially moms) experience sleep deprivation, 23% of people that get their period need time off of work due to period-related issues, and menopause can cause significant symptoms for many women with the decreased estrogen levels also causing an increase in health risks.  Women can be a positive support to each other as they navigate these challenging health experiences.

During this month, we can also put our health and the health of women in our lives first. Whether we go in for a check-up or reach out to a friend in a time of need. 

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