Indigenous Peoples Day

On October 10th, we can recognize Indigenous Peoples’ Day to honor their history and culture. 

This day was first known as Columbus Day, but in 1992, it became Indigenous Peoples’ Day as a sign of protest. The idea was first introduced in 1977 when the United Nations held a conference to address the discrimination against Native Americans, and it has shaped the day into what we know it to be now. 

Many remember the past 500 years of colonization that have led to the pain and trauma of Indigenous peoples’. 

According to Van Heuvelen from the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, “It can be a day of reflection of our history in the United States, the role Native people have played in it, the impacts that history has had on Native people and communities, and also a day to gain some understanding of the diversity of Indigenous peoples.” 

As a community, we can take the time to read Indigenous literature, attend events, and watch relevant movies. Check out the resources below for more. 

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