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Practicing Gratitude During COVID-19

Sometimes we can forget how lucky we are.

We may not be able to travel, go to restaurants or host parties. But we still have so much to be grateful for.

Spending More Time With Family 

Before the pandemic, most of us would spend the vast majority of our weeks at school and/or work. And let’s not forget about the commute. 

Especially during rush hour, it’s not uncommon to spend 5+ hours a week just commuting. 

Now that we are working from home and distance learning, we have so many more hours in the day to spend with family. 

Good memories last a lifetime. Even though some days may be tough, we can’t let the bad days outshine the good days.

Technology Helps Us Stay Connected

Just think how much more difficult social distancing and Coronavirus would be without technology.

For starters, you would not be reading this article, and it would be very difficult to keep in touch with loved ones.

Before social media and email were popular, we would either communicate in person or on the phone.

Meeting up with friends in person is not recommended right now, and talking on the phone (especially long-distance) can be tricky.

Thanks to the internet, we can instant message anyone in the world in a matter of seconds.

As we said earlier, so many of us use social media on a daily basis. And when we use something so often, we can forget to appreciate it. 

The Ability To Work From Home

Of course, not all jobs allow us to work from home – but many of them do.

Teachers are conducting their classes, doctors are seeing patients and consultants are connecting with clients from the comfort of home. 

We are all different. Some of us love working from home, and some of us prefer going into the office.

Even if working from home isn’t your favourite thing, there are still plenty of benefits. For instance, you can sleep in a little later, wear casual clothing, and save money on transportation.

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