Dealing With Boredom In A Healthy Way

Yes, being bored is not fun. You just have to remember, boredom is just a feeling, and will not last forever. 

Here are 3 ways you can tackle boredom today. 

Make a List:

The first step is pretty easy. All you have to do is make a list of things you love to do. 

There are no rules here – but the more variety, the better!

Once your list is complete, be sure to hang it up somewhere easily accessible, like your fridge or medicine cabinet.

The next time you’re feeling bored, you’ll have a list of activities ready to go. 

There will always be those days where an activity just doesn’t appeal to you.

Don’t let that stop you! Sometimes it can take a few minutes to get in the zone. 


It’s a common misconception that a good workout can only take place at the gym.

That is not the case!

We are so lucky to have platforms like YouTube for guidance.

There are thousands of outstanding at-home workout videos that range from 10 – 60 minutes in length.

Boredom Does Not Last Forever:

If none of the above techniques are effective, there is no need to worry.

Your boredom will pass before you know it. Every day is a new day. And you will get through this! 

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