Anger Serves A Purpose

Anger is a normal human emotion. And like all emotions, it serves a purpose. Anger can guide you towards positive change and inspire you to set long term goals. 

Accept Your Anger:

It’s a common misconception that anger is a negative emotion and should be avoided at all costs. When in fact that is far from the truth. Dismissing and avoiding anger tends to intensify and prolong it. 

We all get angry. Accepting and embracing your anger can help keep it under control. 

Here’s an example. Let’s say traffic jams often make you angry, and in turn, cause your palms to sweat.

Instead of getting frustrated, take a few deep breaths, and accept what is happening. 

Remind yourself that your sweaty palms are simply the body’s physical response to anger and nothing to worry about. You are experiencing a human emotion, and it shall pass. 

Identify Your Anger:

Once you’ve accepted and come to terms with your anger, you have to identify the reason behind is.

Anger is communicating a need for change. You just need to figure out what that change is and its significance. 

Why do you think you’re angry right now? What is your anger trying to tell you? 

Establish Boundaries:

Once you’ve identified the source behind your anger, you can reset your boundaries and set appropriate expectations. 

Anger is an emotion for a reason and serves a purpose. 

It can teach you about yourself, others and the world around you. 

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