Understanding And Dealing With Stress During Uncertain Times

Learning how to accept and embrace stress can make you more resilient and motivate you to succeed both in business and in life. 

However, too much stress can do much more harm than good. It can prevent us from seeing the bigger picture and come up with realistic solutions to life’s day to day problems. 

There are several tried and tested methods that can help you keep your stress levels at bay. However today, we are going to be talking all about mindfulness. 

Implementing a daily mindfulness practice can help you deal with your current stress as well as prevent it. 

The next time you catch yourself feeling stressed, here are a few practices that can help…

Hit The Pause Button: 

If you can, try and go somewhere quiet, close your eyes, and work on your breathing. When we’re experiencing high levels of stress, every distraction adds up. Even ten minutes of silence can make a huge difference!

 Ask Yourself Questions:

Sometimes when we’re experiencing so many intense emotions at once, it can be hard to understand them. Asking yourself questions about your feelings can help you come to terms with them and move past them. Here are a few great sample questions to help get you started.

1) What am I feeling right now?

2) What would I name this feeling?

3) How can I accept this feeling and let it go?

Release Tension:

Taking long deep breaths can help you gradually release any tension you’ve been holding onto. 

Once you’ve completed your breathing exercise, be sure to check in with yourself and see how you feel.  

Like most things in life, practice makes perfect. If practiced regularly, mindfulness can help you better respond to life’s challenges and bring you greater clarity. You’ve just got to take it one day and one breath at a time. 

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