Let’s Talk Silver Linings

Every event has a silver lining. Sometimes you just have to look for it. Here are 4 silver linings that have come out of the pandemic. 

Family Time

Before the pandemic, most of us would spend the vast majority of our days at work/school, commuting and running errands.

Right now, leaving the house is a very rare event. Now that most of us are working and learning from home, we have so much more free time to spend with our family. 

Families can eat all three meals together seven days a week. 

Siblings can help each other with homework assignments.

And couples can spend more quality one on one time together.

Coronavirus has helped bring so many family members closer together and help deepen relationships. 

Making New Friends

It’s easy to assume that social distancing would only make it harder to connect with friends. But that’s not the case. Not all of us feel comfortable attending large events or hanging out in crowds.  Some people feel more relaxed and natural communicating via video chat or texting.

The pandemic has made it much easier for us to reach out to older friends and even make new ones. 

Comfort + Practically

There’s nothing like having a fully stocked fridge 5 feet away from your workspace. There’s also nothing like working in pyjama pants and slippers every day.

Of course, some people love dressing up and having somewhere to go. But that doesn’t mean they love that every single day. Now, pyjama day is technically every day. 

Professional Development

Networking events are a fantastic way to meet like-minded people and industry professionals. The only downside is, not all networking events take place our backyard.

Virtual networking events have always been around. But they were nowhere near as popular as they are now.  Now, we have the opportunity to virtually network with people all over the world! 

No matter what industry you are in, you can never have too many connections. 

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