The Next Time You’re Feeling Anxious Try These 4 Things

These 4 steps can help you better understand your anxiety, relax your mind and control negative thoughts.

Acknowledge Your Anxiety

We can’t control everything that happens to us in life, and that’s okay.

When we’re worried about something, it’s not uncommon to immediately jump to unrealistic worst-case scenarios. Again, none of us can see the future, but there are a few prompts that can help us figure out how realistic our thoughts/worries are.

1) Is there any solid evidence that my fear will happen?

2) What are the chances that the thing I’m afraid of will actually happen?

3) Can I handle the worst possible outcome?

Schedule a Worry Break

Sometimes when we start worrying about something, it can be very difficult to stop. Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “Okay, that makes sense. I just won’t let myself worry.”

Although that may sound great in theory, it’s not always ideal. The more you try not thinking about something, the more you tend to think about it.

Try not to think about pink elephants. See – not so easy.

No need to worry. There is a happy medium. Simply schedule short worry 10 – 15 minute worry breaks once a day.

During that time, you can reflect upon all the things on your mind and express them in a healthy way. You can either express your thoughts to a friend or jot them down in a journal. 

Healthy Distractions

Doing at least one activity a day that brings you joy can help you deal with existing worries and prevent new ones. Our minds can’t focus on so many things at once. It’s just the way our brain works.

The truth is, anxiety can be exhausting. Setting aside some time to participate in activities you love can act as a healthy distraction and even increase energy levels.

Listen to Your Anxiety

Anxiety is not this terrible thing that should constantly be avoided at all costs. Sometimes our fears and anxieties can help guide us in the right direction.

Your anxiety could be trying to tell you that you’re taking on too much or warn you if something isn’t a good idea.