Bullying Prevention Month

With the increase in technology and social media use by kids and teens, there are many new ways that they may be experiencing bullying, some of which are hard to track. October is Bullying Prevention Month and it aims to spread awareness of the dangers of bullying and show others what you can do to help out.

Bullying is harmful and makes individuals feel powerless due to constant verbal or physical mistreatment. Especially in the digital age, where cyberbullying can follow children home. 

This month, we are called to action by speaking up or encouraging those affected to reach out to someone they trust. When it comes to bullying we all have an important role to play. 

Teachers and parents can create a safe space for children and make sure they know that bullying is unacceptable. By having open communication in schools and at home, you can teach your children to spread empathy and respect their peers. 

You can also show them how to report bullying and why it’s important to help out other people if they see it happening.

Bullying Prevention Month is all about spreading awareness of the dangers of bullying and showing others what you can do to help out. 

We can work together and put an end to bullying. 

You can visit the resources below and learn more about bullying prevention. 

Bullying Prevention Month

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