Behind The Chemistry of Friendships

Have you ever wondered why you’ve clicked so well with someone right away? Or what drew you to your current friendships? 

The chemistry behind friendships gives you a window into why you may surround yourself with the people in your life.

Forming Bonds

Believe it or not, strong connections can form through close proximity, shared life stages, or shared interests. Being close to someone who shares the same taste in music, shares your same humor, or has gone through similar experiences can all set the foundation for friendship. 

Creating Chemistry

If you’ve felt an unexplainable pull from the friends in your life, there may be a scientific reason. Social scientists have considered the “mere-exposure effect” as a factor. When you have the chance to constantly be around another person, whether through school, work or in your community, you can grow familiar with their presence. 

Good Impressions

It’s no secret that some friendships begin in an instant. That’s why science indicates that you can be “in sync” with those you tend to see similarities with. During the first impression of a person, it’s not unusual to get a sense of who they are. In fact, findings suggested that a decision to start a friendship can begin as early as just meeting a person.