This One Tip Can Help Prevent Burnout

Even though burnout is preventable, it can sneak up on us when we least expect it.

Getting enough sleep and taking regular breaks is one of the most popular ways to prevent it. 

However, there is another method that is less talked about. 

It all comes down to adding structure to your day. 

Get Creative

Even if every day for you is incredibly different, you can still add structure to it. You’ll just have to get a little creative. 

Constantly moving on from task to task without some sort of a plan can be confusing and overwhelming. 

Every Decision Adds Up

First thing in the morning or before you go to sleep, spend a few minutes visualizing your ideal day in your mind.

What would you prepare for breakfast? How many meetings will you have, and when will they happen?

Again, this doesn’t have to be a set-in-stone system. 

But having somewhat of a rough idea can eliminate the need to make so many decisions under stress.

Studies show that the average adult makes around 35,000 choices per day! That is a huge number.

Small decisions such as what cereal you’d like for breakfast or what to wear to your Zoom meeting may seem pretty simple. But when you’re so exhausted or drained, every decision can be tough.

Planning out your day before decision fatigue hits in can help make your day run smoothly.

Time Flies

Have you ever had one of those days where one minute it was 10 AM and the next it was 3 PM?

Those days can be quite interesting. Time flies when you’re having fun or extremely busy. 

When we’re that busy, sometimes we can forget to check in with ourselves and see how we’re feeling.

We could be feeling stressed and not even realize it. Make an effort to check in with yourself a few times a day and ask yourself how you feel at that moment.

If you feel energized and productive, that’s amazing; keep going. 

But if you notice yourself feeling a little tired or stressed, it may be time to call it a day or take a much-needed break.

Catching these feelings early on can help prevent them from escalating to burnout.

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4 Ways To Manage Work Related Stress

Even when you love what you do, occasional work-related stress is unavoidable.

Not all stressful events can be prevented, but there are plenty of steps you can take to keep them at bay. 

Start Your Day Right

It all starts in the morning…

As tempting as it may be to hide under those covers for just 5 more minutes, 5 minutes can easily turn into 20…

And before you know, you are late for work. 

Chances are you don’t want to jump into your workday feeling stressed/rushed due to sleeping in.

You’d want to start the day feeling relaxed and well-rested. 

Almost all tasks feel much harder when time is of the essence. 

Opening up your email and getting your list in order just ten minutes earlier than you usually do can help you feel ahead of the game and give you some extra confidence. 

Stay Organized

Have you ever had one of those days where you were supposed to email something over to a co-worker but completely forgot until they sent a friendly reminder?

You quickly open up your desktop but can’t find the document anywhere. At that point, you can’t even remember if you saved the document. 

That’s when the nerves start to kick in. Not such a fun feeling.

We’ve all been there or in a similar situation at least once.

We’re human, and it happens.

However, staying organized and ahead of the game can help prevent stressful events like that from happening.

“Plan ahead when you know a situation will arise that causes you stress. Recognize the triggers and have.” – Cathi Spence


None of us are good at everything. None of us are fearless. We all have things we wish we could improve upon.

Sometimes those fears or uncertainties can show up at work and cause a great deal of stress.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you have a fear of public speaking (which is very common) and your boss asks you to lead next week’s virtual conference.

Even though you are proud to have been considered, that doesn’t make you any less afraid.

You have two choices. You can either spend the rest of the week feeling anxious and stressed.

Or you can prepare yourself to the best of your abilities and remind yourself that everything will be just fine. It all comes down to the stories we tell ourselves. 

Forgive Yourself

None of us are perfect. We’ve all sent emails with typos, and we’ve all misunderstood an assignment at least once.

When we make a mistake at work, generally the first thing we do out of habit is apologize. 

However, at times we can forget one very important step.

We can forget to forgive ourselves, look for the lesson and move on.

In business and in life you never fail. You either live or you learn.

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Feeling Irritable For No Reason?

Let us know if this sounds familiar…

You wake one morning feeling a little irritable, and your family catches on and asks why you’re grumpy…

Instead of letting them in, you respond, saying you’re fine and they are exaggerating. 

Denying how you’re feeling won’t help matters. In fact, it can even make you feel worse. Now, you don’t have to tell everyone you know how you’re feeling 24/7. However, you’d be surprised how therapeutic venting can be.

Even if there is nothing your friend or family member can do, talking does help. 

Think About The Reason Behind Your Irritability 

Sometimes an event can make us irritable, such as accidentally burning your meal or breaking something. But that’s not always the case.

Sometimes we can feel frustrated or upset and not even know why. 

It’s possible something or someone in your life is causing you stress, but it hasn’t fully sunk in yet.  If you’re not sure and would like to find out, try looking for patterns. Is there a certain time or day of the week you catch yourself feeling irritable?

If so, take some time to reflect. 

Here’s an example. If you catch yourself feeling irritable late at night or early in the morning, that may be a sign you aren’t getting enough sleep. 

Take a Break

Almost everything takes longer and feels much harder when you’re frustrated. When you’re not feeling your best, generally the best thing you can do is call it a day. 

Now, calling it a day is not the same thing as quitting. It’s simply a matter of listening to your body and understanding its limits.

Change Your Thoughts

When something isn’t going your way, it’s so easy to let negative thoughts take over.

Here’s something for you to think about…

Which of the following thoughts do you think would help you feel better faster?

“I can’t believe I slept through this meeting. My team must be so disappointed in me. What if I get fired?”


“So, I slept in this morning and missed my meeting. I am going to call my boss and apologize. I think I will go to sleep early tonight so I can get up early tomorrow.”

In both scenarios, the person slept in and missed their meeting, which can be frustrating… that is, if you let it be. 

Looking at the facts and challenging negative thoughts may not be able to eliminate irritability completely. But it can certainly take the edge off.

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How to Get Yourself Out of a Rut and Motivated Once Again

Let us know if any of these feelings sound familiar…

1) Every day is starting to feel the same.

2) You can’t find the energy or motivation to start or finish projects.

3) You feel like you’re stuck jogging in place.

If you can relate to any of those prompts, you may be stuck in a rut.

Yes, being in a rut can be frustrating, but it does not have to last forever.

These tips and tricks can help you get unstuck and motivated once again!

Take Care of Yourself

When you have so much going on, sometimes self-care can get moved to the bottom of your priority list, when in fact, it should be moved to the top.

Everything from the food we eat to the amount of sleep we get has a huge impact on our overall wellness.

Every single day you should be doing at least one activity that is for you and only you.

Taking care of your mind and body every day will give you the energy needed to take on tomorrow

Change Up Your Routine

“Never be afraid to try something new because life gets boring when you stay within the limits of what you already know.” – Anonymous

People are creatures of habit, which has its own set of benefits, but sometimes it can make us feel stuck or bored.

The next time you find yourself feeling a little stuck, try doing something you’ve done before.

Now, these activities do not have to be complicated. Sometimes less is more. 

You can start watching a new TV show, take a new route to the grocery store, or read a book on a topic you’re unfamiliar with. 

Say yes to new things. Try the unexpected. See what happens!

Say Goodbye to Perfectionism

Trying new things can be a little scary, especially if you thrive on routine and consistency. 

Let yourself try new things. Let yourself make mistakes along the way. All you can do is take it one day at a time. 

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The Power of Courage

Courage and fearlessness are not the same thing!

Courage is all about understanding your fears and taking action despite them.

Have a Healthy Perspective

Courage truly is like a muscle. You more you use it, the stronger it gets.

None of us are born courageous, and we all have the ability to learn it.

“You can choose courage, or you can choose comfort, but you cannot choose both.” – Brené Brown

Fear Is Not a Bad Thing

Fear shouldn’t be this bad thing we constantly try to avoid at all costs. In fact, a little bit of fear is healthy and can teach us a lot about ourselves.

The next time you’re afraid to do something, take some time to think about what you’re actually afraid of.

The answer may surprise you.

Sometimes our fears can feel more intense than they actually are.

Taking some time to think about realistic worse case scenarios can help you look at scary situations in a new way.

Embrace Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

Have you ever said no to something you really wanted to do because you were afraid you’d fail?

If so, you’re not the only one.

Change and uncertainty can be scary at times.

But think about it this way. If we keep doing the same things, we will keep getting the same results.

The best way to become more courageous is by practicing and taking action.

Every single step is one step in the right direction.

Say Hello to Failure

Failure isn’t dangerous and is nothing to be afraid of.

It is a life experience that should be embraced.

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” – Jack Canfield

Nothing in life is guaranteed, and we never know what we are capable of unless we try.

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Picking Yourself Up After a Breakup

Every person we meet has something to teach us. Instead of thinking about all the things you could have done differently – think about all the things your relationship has taught you. 

Acknowledge Your Feelings

Of course, it’s normal to want to feel better right away after a breakup.

But at the same time, you don’t want to deny what you’re feeling. 

Acknowledging how you feel is part of the healing process.

So many of us often try to put on a brave face and hold back tears. 

Crying does have a soothing effect, helps relieve pain and can even help improve our mood. 

There is no right or wrong way to feel after a breakup. The sooner you accept and embrace your feelings, the sooner you can move past them.

Take Care of Yourself

Practicing self-care is key all year round – but it is that much more important during challenging or stressful events such as breakups.

Think about the things that make you happy and do more of them!

Connect With Others

Although it may be tempting to spend time in your room alone and reflect, you should be around people who love you.

We may not be able to spend time with our friends and family in person, but we can certainly connect with them via video chat.

Talking about your feelings can help you come to terms with them and better understand them.

Accept The Breakup

The sooner you accept the relationship has ended, the sooner you can move forward. 

Every person we meet has something to teach us. Instead of thinking about all the things you could have done differently – think about all the things your relationship has taught you. 

Recovering from a breakup doesn’t happen overnight. 

We all have our own way of healing and grieving.

Don’t rush the process. Take your time. Allow yourself to feel. You will be okay!

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Setting Intentions Instead of Resolutions

Have New Year’s resolutions ever stressed you out?

If so, you are not alone!

So many of us worry we won’t be able to follow through with them or that we won’t set “the right ones.”

Here’s the deal. Typically, we set resolutions based on things we’d like to change in the future.

But why do we have to wait? Why can’t we start now?

Intentions are all about who we want to be in the present moment.

Think about it this way. What matters today may not necessarily matter in a year from now or even six months from now.

We live in a world that is constantly changing, and change can often impact our goals and values.

Now you might be thinking to yourself, “Okay, I’d love to start setting some intentions, but have no idea where to start.”

We’ve got you covered. Keep on reading to learn more. 

Start First Thing In The Morning

Of course, there will always be little things that pop up last minute, but it’s always a good idea to go into every day with some sort of a plan.

Starting out each day with a plan can help you prioritize tasks and know when it’s a good idea to say no. 

Check-in With Yourself Throughout The Day

Have you ever had one of those days that flew by in the blink of an eye? 

Even though those days can be fun, they can throw us off course. 

Every couple of hours throughout the day take a few minutes to think about how you’re feeling. 

Are you feeling rushed, excited, happy, nervous?

Whatever you may be feeling in that present moment, notice it!

Share Your Intentions With a Friend

It’s interesting. Simply sharing our intentions with friends can help them feel more real.

It can also make us feel more accountable to get things done. 

It never hurts to have someone on your side cheering you on! 

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