Multicultural Diversity Day

Annually on the third Monday in October, we are called to honor Multicultural Diversity Day. 

This day was created in 1993 by Cleorah Scruggs, a teacher from Michigan, who wanted to spread awareness of diversity to the people around her, primarily in the school system. 

The National Education Association has suggested some ways for people to explore diversity in the classroom and beyond to your workplace and community:

  • Examine your own beliefs about other people who are different than yourself
  • Learn about people from different cultures and backgrounds as well as about those that have different beliefs and experiences than you
  • Start a conversation at work about diversity or take other positive actions to bring about positive change

Each person has a rich cultural background or story that makes them unique. It’s important to take this time to explore another culture and be inclusive to everyone you meet. By learning to appreciate the many cultures around you, it can promote unity and discourage discrimination.

Surround yourself with a broad range of people and find a moment to look into the history of a different country, culture, or ethnicity. 

You can enhance your knowledge by checking out books or articles about multiculturalism, having discussions with friends and family, or doing activities that increase inclusion.  

Multicultural Diversity Day is all about building connections and getting to understand your peers on a deeper level.

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