Exuding Confidence 101

Having confidence in ourselves comes from believing we are capable of doing anything! 

When we think positively about our skills, qualities, and personality, it motivates us to embrace new opportunities. 

Reminding ourselves of our strengths each day can positively impact us in so many ways. 

Talk The Talk

Exuding confidence is all about how we talk to ourselves. 

Practicing positive self-talk can change our outlook and overall self-esteem. 

Our thoughts have the power to become a reality – both positively and negatively. You have the power to achieve great things by thinking positively. 

For example, you can create go-to phrases for yourself, such as “I’m perfect just as I am.” Or “I can achieve anything that comes my way.” 

Those kinds of thoughts can be great mood-boosters and work as a starting point to building more confidence. 

Think About The Past

We can measure our progress by reflecting upon how much we have grown over the past week, month or year. 

It’s important to remind ourselves of past successes to know that we can create similar opportunities in the future. 

You deserve to be proud of all your accomplishments. Even ones that have happened years ago. 

Taking trips down memory lane can help remind you just how talented and successful you are. 

“When you have confidence, you can do anything.” – Sloane Stevens