How to Find Recovery Resources in Oregon

By:  Tanya Kramer

Oregon has its own “directory of support services, provides, peers, and meetings designated to assist people with their recovery from drugs and alcohol.”  It is called the Recovery Network of Oregon.

It asks very simple questions to give you the resources you are looking for.

Showing Results for (select one: getting sober, thriving in recovery, using safely) in (enter Oregon County you are in).  Then click the search button.

You can choose to narrow your search by adding a few more search parameters.

If you want to search for services that are specific to you, then you can also search for services that service a specific group of people such as:

  • Asian
  • BHRN
  • Black
  • Families
  • Friends/Loved Ones
  • Indigenous/Native American
  • Justice – Impacted
  • Latinx
  • Men
  • Pregnant People
  • Refugee/Asylum
  • Seniors
  • Sex Worker
  • UnDocumented
  • Veterans
  • Women
  • Youth

You can also choose to search for resources that are covered by your insurance.

Lastly, you can also simplify your search by identifying the type of services you are specifically  looking for such as:

  • Medical Care & Treatment
  • Peer Services
  • Recovery Meetings
  • Health and Wellness
  • Financial Resources
  • Housing
  • Legal & Systems Support
  • Harm Reduction
  • Employment Support

After you enter your search criteria, you will be provided a list of resources to choose from which include the name of the program, the address, phone number, who the program serves, and visuals of what type of services this program offers.  

Once you have found a program you are interested in, then choose “Learn More” which will provide the phone number, give directions, and a way to check out the program’s website for more information.

This is a critical recovery resource for the State of Oregon, so be sure to pass this resource along to people in your own community.