Here’s How Spending Time Outdoors can Improve Mental Health

Spending Time Outdoors: Spring is officially here… and you know what that means? You guessed it. You can finally spend some more time outdoors. Several studies show that spending time outdoors can significantly improve mental health.

Make it a Habit

On average it can take 20 – 30 days to develop a new habit. Going the extra mile to spend some time in nature may feel like a chore at first….

But you know what they say… practice makes perfect.

Keep Track of your Experiences:

Here’s a little homework for you. Every time you’re out in nature, be mindful of all your senses. What can you see? What can you feel? What can you smell? Don’t just think about it. Write it down.

Start Slow and Work Your Way Up:

Overnight success is a myth. Nobody was born knowing exactly how to do everything. It takes time, patience, and lots of trial and error.