The Secrets to Being a Good Partner During Quarantine

Being quarantined not only impacts our mental health…

It can also impact our relationships.

Being around the same person, 24/7 can cause arguments, anxiety, and frustration. Here are 3 practices that can help make you a good quarantine partner.

Practice Patience

It’s no secret the past few weeks have been stressful for most of us. 

Practicing patience is not an easy thing to do while facing high levels of stress.

You may have noticed yourself feeling a little frustrated lately, and that’s okay. 

When we’re feeling worked up, sometimes we need time to ourselves to cool down. Be patient with yourself. Be patient with your partner. You both will get through this. 

Try Being Quieter

It’s one thing to be respectful of someone’s space. It’s another to be respectful of their ears.

Some of us are more productive in complete silence, while others prefer a little background noise.

Simply watching a show or listening to music with headphones can go a long way. 

Help Out Around The House

Chores are one of those things that never seem to end. Everything from dishes to laundry to dusting adds up!

Now you may be thinking, “Okay, but my home is already pretty organized…”

Small gestures can go a long way. 

Volunteering to clear your partner’s dishes, folding the laundry or even organizing the junk drawer are all small acts that make a big impact.

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