Helping Your Kids With Their Studies During Coronavirus

Have a Daily Routine:

Having a solid daily routine is so important for kids and adults.

Yes, our days may be different right now. But it is never too late to establish a new routine and a new normal. 

Don’t Forget About Recess:

Several studies show that children who participate in recess behave better and have an easier time learning.

It’s so important for kids to take several breaks throughout the day and keep their body moving.

You can go on family walks, play tag in the yard, play games or dance!

Stay Organized:

A simple checklist can go a very long way.

When we have so many responsibilities, it can be hard to remember them all. 

We are much more likely to remember information that is written down.

Encourage your child to create a to-do list at the start of every school day. And whenever they finish a task, they can cross it off the list. 

Once the school day is complete, they will have a nice visual of everything they accomplished. 

Lists Don’t Have To Be Boring:

A little creativity makes everything more fun! Your child can decorate their list with stickers or colour code their tasks.

As long as the list works, that’s all that matters!

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