3 Ways Teachers Can Cope With COVID-19 Related Stress

If you’re a teacher, this article is for you. COVID-19 has impacted almost all professions in one way or another. Teaching classes online is great – but it isn’t quite the same as being in a classroom and connecting with students.

As you know, teachers do so much more than simply read lesson plans and mark tests.

Teachers keep an eye on their students and watch them grow and thrive.

They are also there to support them and offer guidance. 

Doing all of that isn’t so easy via a computer screen. Especially since it’s difficult to read body language online.

If you’ve been experiencing any stress on the job, keep on reading. 

Pace Yourself

Teaching virtually is a marathon, not a sprint. Of course, it’s normal to want to push yourself in order to give your students the best education possible. But you can’t push yourself too hard. Doing so can lead to burnout, fatigue and stress. 

Just like when we work out, our body needs time to recover and repair itself.

Whenever you have a bad day, the best thing you can do is relax, have a healthy dinner and go to bed early.

Working well into the night will only exhaust you more. 

Don’t Hold In Your Anger

If you’re experiencing anger right now, you are not alone.

Just because you aren’t the only one feeling a certain way, doesn’t always make the situation any easier.

Sometimes we can keep our feelings in and hope they will pass on their own.

The thing is, keeping anger inside can actually intensify it.

It can also make us lash out and say things we don’t mean to the people we love the most.

There are several tried and tested methods out there that help control anger. 

1) Go on a walk.

2) Stretch.

3) Journal.

4) Take a time out.

Let People Help You

Unfortunately superheroes don’t exist. You are only human and no human is perfect.

Don’t get us wrong, it’s a great thing to set goals and try new things. But at the time, you can set unrealistic expectations.

If you’re ever feeling emotionally drained after a hard day but still have to prepare dinner and run errands, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

If there is anything your family can do to make things easier around the house, don’t be afraid to let them know.

Even if they can’t tackle an entire project on their own, they can certainly help! Learn More