Making The Most Out Of Online College Classes

If this is your first or second college semester of online classes, you understand how difficult some days can be.

Taking classes online requires determination, motivation and patience.  

Some days or some classes may be easier than others – however, these tips and tricks can help you stay motivated throughout the semester. 

If You Have Questions – Ask Them 

None of us are mind readers – yes professors included.

If you ever have any questions or want to confirm details, don’t be shy to reach out to your professor. 

It’s so easy to put off smaller questions until tomorrow. 

But if you keep putting off questions tomorrow, tomorrow never comes. 

And before you know it, your one small question has transformed into ten big questions. 

Avoid Last Minute Submissions When Possible

Now, some people do perform their best under pressure which is not a bad thing. 

If that is your preferred style and it works for you, then you should listen to your body.

However, regularly submitting projects last minute can bring on anxiety and there is a larger room for error.

For example, you may have thought you had all the materials you needed to complete a project – but halfway through you realize you’re missing one important piece of information.

That happens more often, you’d think, and usually is an easy fix – that is when the deadline isn’t tomorrow!

Aiming to submit projects at least one day in advance can take a huge weight off your shoulders. And in case something does happen, you can take your time to find a solution. 

Be Prepared For Tech Issues

Technology problems happen to all of us – especially when video is involved.

We’ve all had video chats where one minute everything is fine, and the next our video and/or audio just stops working.

Of course, there isn’t much we can do to prevent tech difficulties, but we can be prepared and have a backup plan.

Know When It’s Time To Walk Away From The Screen 

Life is all about balance. Sitting in front of a screen for hours on end can be very exhausting. 

Exactly, why it’s so important to break up the day with tech-free activities.

You can read a book, go on a walk or clean up around the house.

If you catch yourself getting restless or irritable, it may be time to walk away from the screen.

Scheduling regular screen-free time can help you recharge your batteries, so you can join classes with a fresh mind.