Teaching Your Child How To Handle Conflict

As a parent, it’s important to remember that your child will likely disagree with their friends from time to time, and it’s a normal part of life and friendship. 

Helping them navigate through arguments can give them the guidance to move past these disagreements. 

Showing children how to establish their boundaries and communication with their friends is something that can help today and in the future. 

Find Balance

We only want the best for our children, so it may be tempting to want to step in when they are fighting with a friend.

However, stepping in right away isn’t always the best solution. 

Giving them the opportunity to talk it out on their own can teach them very valuable problem-solving skills. 

What you can do, is offer them support, advice and comfort.

Grow As We Go

Fights are often personal for the people in them – meaning that your child and their friends might be fighting about something unique to their friendship. 

As they grow, you can assess what the situation calls for and how to brainstorm ideas to hopfully resolve it. 

Conflict Resolution 

It’s never too early to start teaching your children healthy conflict resolution skills. 

Of course, you will always be there for them, but eventually, they will reach a certain age where they can handle most situations independently.