Do These Things Every Day To Stay Calm During This Difficult Time

We may be going through a scary situation right now. But we can’t let our fears get in the way of our well-being. Here are 3 things you should do every single day to stay calm and at ease during this difficult time. 


Are you moving your body every day? 

Are you stretching? Are you walking? Are you sweating?

If not, you should be…

Here’s why!

Our bodies need at least 20 minutes a day of activity to stay healthy. 

We understand quarantine life can make physical activity a bit harder. 

But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

You can run up and down the stairs, do jumping jacks, or lift weights. 

The list goes on.


Human connection is essential 365 days a year.

Humans need to feel connected. 

Right now, we don’t have the luxury to drive on over to a friend’s house, but we still have options!

Even if you aren’t a very tech-savvy person, don’t be afraid to host group video chats with your friends and family.

This is not an easy time. But a little support can go a long way.

If something is going on, tell your friends about it! Even if nothing gets resolved today, talking about it will help.

Just Be:

When life gets busy, sometimes we can forget to just be. 

Don’t worry about what may or may not happen tomorrow.

Don’t worry about that mistake you made at work yesterday.

Don’t worry about all those dirty dishes you have to do later.

Instead, just appreciate the present moment.

Here’s something for you to think about.

What activity never fails to relax you?

Maybe you love taking long baths – or maybe you love getting lost in a good movie.

Whatever it is – go ahead and do it!

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