Working From Home For The First Time? Here’s How To Make It Work

Designated Workspace:

If you’re working from home right now, having a designated workspace is so important! 

Don’t have a home office?

No problem! 

All you need is a table and a comfortable chair.

Nobody knows how much longer mandatory work from home will last, so don’t be afraid to make your workstation comfortable and functional.

Set Your Hours:

Sometimes when we work from home, it can feel like the workday is never officially done. 

The secret is to prioritize your tasks and hours.

Every morning make a list of what must be completed that day and what can wait until tomorrow. 

Take Breaks:

Working hard and working smart are not the same thing. If you’re struggling to get something done, the best thing you can do is take a break.

You can walk around the block, take a shower, or call up a friend.

Cut Yourself Some Slack:

If you’ve never worked from home before it can be quite an adjustment.

You may not be feeling like yourself right now. And that’s okay!

We are all in the same boat. 

Remember – you have nothing to feel guilty about…

We will get through this. This situation will make us all stronger. 

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