Keeping The Romance Alive During COVID-19

No Gesture Is Too Small:

Sometimes the smallest gestures have the largest impact. Having dinner together or hugging and kissing throughout the day can help you both feel closer as a couple. 

Check-In With Them:

No matter how well you know your partner, none of us are mind readers.

So many of us are experiencing new emotions and new worries. All of which can be hard to explain and understand. Words are a very powerful tool.

Even if your partner expresses that they are feeling okay, it can’t hurt to ask if you can do anything to make them feel better!

At Home Date Night:

Spending quality time with your partner is so important. Your go-to date night spots may be closed, but you can still have a romantic night at home. You may just have to get a little creative.

The two of you can go on long walks, organize a movie night, or have candlelight dinners. 

It isn’t so much about where the date takes place. It’s more about connecting, bonding, and loving one another.

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