Dr. Scott’s Tips For Bouncing Back After Losing Your Job: KCRA Sacramento Interview

It was so nice connecting with KCRA Sacramento and chatting all about how to bounce back after losing your job. If you want to learn Dr. Scott’s tips and tricks, please keep on reading.

Maintain A Consistent Routine:

Losing your job can certainly hit you hard, both financially and emotionally. Maintaining a consistent routine is so important. It will take motivation and discipline to stay on track, but it will be well worth it.

Before the pandemic started, most of us would have loved to have a bit more free time. However, too much free time is not healthy.

Writing out a basic to-do list before bed is an incredible habit to get into. When you wake up, you’ll have a set action plan and be ready to take on the day. 

Searching For A Job:

Looking for a job can be overwhelming. You just need to be proactive and take it one day at a time. You can completely revamp and modernize your resume, conduct practice interviews with family, the list goes on. 

Let’s say you apply to two jobs a day; in just one week’s time, you’ll have your resume on over a dozen employers desks. 

There is so much opportunity out there. And who knows – you could land a job that has better hours, better pay, and more opportunity to grow. 

Learn Something New:

What is one thing you’ve always wanted to learn, but never had the time? Maybe you want to learn a new language, improve your computer skills, or dive into a new field altogether. That one new skill can potentially open the door to new and improved career opportunities. 


Nonprofits need our help now more than ever. Volunteering is extremely rewarding, can give you a sense of purpose, and of course, gives back to the community. You can also make some new friends and learn a thing or two in the process. 

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