You Can Change Your Mindset

Feelings such as anger, sadness and stress are unavoidable in life – but you don’t have to let negative emotions take over. You can change the narrative and your mindset. 

Here’s how…

Get Outside

Connecting with and spending time in nature is such an incredible way to combat worry and anxiety.

There’s nothing like going on a nice walk and breathing in the nice fresh air when you’re not feeling your best.

Now you may be thinking to yourself “That sounds great! I just don’t have the time.”

If you work long hours or are a student, walking away from the computer can be a bit tough, but there are several happy mediums. 

You can take short walks around the block during breaks or bring your computer or reading material outside! Give it a try for a week and see if you notice a difference. 

Healthy Distractions

The brain is not designed for multitasking. It is very difficult to do two things at once well.

If you’re having one of those stressful days, listening to some upbeat tunes or a funny show can help dial down your stress levels quite a bit.

It may not solve everything right away. But it can certainly help speed up the process. 

Acknowledge the Power of Words

Writing down what’s on your mind is a fast and effective way to get thoughts off your chest. 

If the words aren’t coming to you – read instead. Sometimes, a good book can help you better understand what you’re feeling. Or be a great escape!

Phone a Loved One

When in doubt, phoning a friend or family member never hurts.

You can never have too many listening ears on your side. When you’re tired or stressed, it is almost always harder to think through situations rationally. They may be able to help you look at things in a new light.