Do We Really Thrive On Structure?

Let’s talk about structure, shall we? 

Having structure is more than just staying organized. 

Maintaining structure can build confidence and help you stay on track throughout the day. 

Have you ever had one of those days where you had a list a mile long and had no idea where to start?

We all have! 

Adding structure to your day may not be able to eliminate those moments completely…

But it can certainly help dial them down.  Remember – your entire day doesn’t have to be perfect. 

All you can do is start slow and work your way up at your own pace. 

Your Sleep Schedule

Shortcuts aren’t always a bad thing. But they do have their time and their place. 

Your sleep is one of those things that needs your undivided attention and should be taken seriously. 

When we are overtired, it is difficult to think clearly and put things in perspective, which can make it harder to make decisions throughout the day. 

Going to sleep and waking up at the same time can help take out the guesswork and keep your body on track. 

It all comes down to changing your mindset. Instead of telling yourself, you have to go to sleep, tell yourself it’s time to go to sleep. 

Sleep shouldn’t feel like a chore you have to do. It should feel like a treat! 

Reflection/Quiet Time

None of us are superheroes, and we all need some quiet time throughout the day. 

An uninterrupted moment free of distractions or overstimulating environments can help you to unplug and reflect. 

Let’s be honest. It can be difficult to relax and enjoy the moment when your phone is buzzing every 5 minutes

You deserve to have that time for yourself where you can think about what you’re grateful for and highlight all the ways you’ve made a mark on the day.