Spreading Awareness This September

The month of September is dedicated to Suicide Prevention Awareness Month and National Recovery Month. This time is meant to reflect and spread hope for those struggling with suicidal thoughts and addiction.

Suicide Prevention Awareness Month is about having open communication with your peers and checking in on your loved ones. The key message of the campaign is to show that you are not alone. It is also a time to recognize the lives that have been lost to suicide. 

Bringing awareness to the topics is a way to stop the stigma and ensure that people know how important it is to prioritize mental health care. 

National Recovery Month is also held every September to call positive attention to the importance of treatment and recovery, especially for those dealing with mental or substance use disorders. 

Celebrate and recognize the strides made by those who live full and meaningful lives while on medication or in recovery. Remember that you are resilient and recovery in all forms is possible.

This month is a time where the community comes together. It’s important to reach out or listen to mental health advocates, survivors, and allies to continue to educate yourself.

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