Kids Yoga: Movement & Mindfulness Webinar for 6th -12th Graders

This class is no longer occuring, but you may find videos of previous classes on our You Tube channel

A weekly live webinar with Jen Champion.  She will utilize some simple yoga poses paired with mindfulness techniques to help middle school to high school aged students work on decreasing stress and becoming more aware of their emotions and ways to sooth themselves.

We all have the opportunity to be well-balanced individuals, especially in the midst of a pandemic that asks us to remain at home in relative isolation.  Jen will utilize use easy yoga techniques to decrease stress and develop friendliness, compassion, and clarity. Jen has worked with yoga students from ages 1 to 100 for the past 18 years. She loves yoga and provides genuine care, encouraging students to observe themselves without judgment. With her guidance, students will reap the benefits of their practice both on and off the yoga mat.