Managing The Winter Blues

Do you ever catch yourself feeling blue when the sun sets earlier and the days and nights start to blend?

Even though we can spend time outdoors after work or school in the winter –  we are far less likely if it’s dark and cold outside. 

Spending day after day indoors for long periods of time can lead to what is commonly known as the winter blues.

But it can be managed, and we can flip the script. 

Here’s how!

Take Action

Even when it’s cold outside, we can still incorporate the things we love into our routine. 

Setting aside some time to go on a brisk walk (even if it’s only 10 minutes) can significantly impact your mood. 

If going outside that day isn’t an option, there are several fun indoor activities you can try out as well, such as listening to a motivational podcast or journaling. 

Celebrate Accomplishments

Celebrating all accomplishments (even the smaller ones) can help encourage us to keep going and help break up the day.

When you finish a task – don’t immediately move on to the next one.

Instead, you can set aside some time to feel proud of what you’ve done. 

Doing so can give you more incentive to continue moving forward!

Do Something Special For Yourself 

Every day is a good day to practice self-care and be kind to ourselves. 

Small acts of kindness can go a long way. Especially the kindness we show ourselves. 

Prioritizing what makes us happy can help us cherish every moment.

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Dry January

After the rush of the holidays, some want a change from the sweet drinks and the bubbly. You do not need to have a problem with alcohol to be able to gain benefits from taking a break from it.

This is where Dry January comes in. It’s a time where many people choose to avoid alcohol for the entirety of the month. 

For some, they believe it is a chance for them to start the year off fresh. Others might like to try something different.  And it is a chance for anyone to make a positive impact on their health. 

Here are some ways drinking less alcohol can be beneficial for our overall well being:

  • When we drink alcohol it can decrease our restorative REM sleep. Giving it up for a month may improve our sleep and give us more energy. 
  • We can boost our moods with less alcohol as excessive alcohol consumption has been shown to impact the chemistry of the brain by decreasing the brain chemicals that are linked to energy levels and good mood. 
  • It can also affect our long-term health. Cutting out alcohol can lower our blood sugar, reduce cholesterol, and decrease headaches or heartburn. 
  • Cutting back can also improve the skin’s appearance as alcohol causes dehydration of your skin as well as puffiness and acne.
  • Decreasing alcohol use can help us maintain a healthy weight. Alcohol is empty calories on top of gaining VIP status in your body’s processing of calories for energy.  So it jumps the line ahead of other food items that may offer more nutritional benefits.

Cutting back can also help us save more money. We may not even be aware of how much it costs to purchase drinks but it can add up. With Dry January, we can give our wallets and our bodies a healthy break.

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Becoming More Authentic

It’s not too late to start living more authentically and go after what you really want.

Here’s how…

Keep Your Goals In Mind

Here are a few questions to ask yourself: 

  • What do you find meaningful?
  • Do you enjoy what you do?
  • Where do you see yourself five years from now?
  • If you could change one thing about your life right now, what would it be?

It’s so easy to get lost and caught up in other people’s goals that we can forget to pursue our own or put them at the bottom of our priority list.

Once you establish what you truly want right now – you can go after it. 

Remember – if you can dream it, you can do it.

Listen To Your Thoughts

If something out of the ordinary makes you feel sad, happy or confused, don’t push those emotions aside. 

Take a closer look at them and get to know them on a deeper level. 

The sooner we challenge our thoughts, the sooner we can understand them.

It’s common for goals, priorities and feelings to change over time. 

What seemed insignificant to you last year could have an entirely different emotional meaning today. 

When in doubt – listen to your instincts. 

“Authenticity, living your truth, kindness – these are necessary virtues.” – Merle Dandridge

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You Can Still Network During COVID-19 – Here’s How

Networking events are a fantastic way to meet like-minded people, grow your network and hand out business cards. 

As you know, in-person networking events and conferences have been put on hold for almost nine months now.

Just because we can’t actually get together with people face-to-face does not mean networking is off the table. 

We just have to go about it in a slightly different way. 

Keep on reading to learn how you can safely network during COVID-19.

Log Into Zoom Events Early:

Several speakers have been organizing virtual events via Zoom during the pandemic.

However, having solid one on one conversations via Zoom events isn’t always an option.

That is if you join the event on time…

A great way to sneak in some one on one time with the speaker is by attending the event 5 – 10 minutes early.

Chances are, the speaker will already be logged in to ensure everything is set up correctly.

You can take that opportunity to introduce yourself and even ask them a question if they have time. 

Follow Up:

Forming solid relationships takes time, energy and effort.

The simple act of following up only takes a few minutes but delivers results! 

Keep in mind, your follow up techniques don’t have to be fancy. 

A couple of days after the first meeting, you can send them a short and sweet email thanking them for their time and advice.

And about 2 – 4 weeks later, you can email them again to touch-base.

Be Active On Social Media:

Posting on social media is amazing, but it’s not always enough to form solid relationships with like-minded people.

Networking online does take some time and energy, but it will be well worth it in the long run.

Taking even 10 minutes out of your day to like and comment on popular content can help get your name out there. 

Don’t be afraid to start conversations with people who don’t know. Every friendship and business relationship has to start somewhere!

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Coping With Back-To-School Uncertainty

It’s no secret that this school year will be far different than most. Children haven’t stepped foot in an actual classroom for many months now, and it’s been quite a unique summer.

The unknown can often be scary, and right now, no one knows for sure what this school year will look like.

Most children love the first day of school. It’s always so nice to catch up with friends, play games and chat about summer. 

This year, children can still have an amazing first day; it’ll just be done virtually. 

Every child is different, and there is no right or wrong way to feel about the first day back. If your child is experiencing some back to school nerves, here’s what to do! 

Talk About It:

Remember, your child has never experienced a first day back quite like this one. 

They may be feeling a little confused, anxious, or scared. 

Talking about our fears and worries can help us better understand and come to terms with them.

Getting Used To The New Normal:

If your child is young, they may not fully understand what the “new normal” means. Sit down with them and let them know exactly what they can expect this year to look like, and encourage them to ask questions.

Once they have a better understanding of what’s going on, you can create a game plan together.

Focus on the Positives:

Whether your child is nervous, afraid or confused, it’s so important to focus on the positives.

You and your child can sit down together and make a list of all the things they are looking forward to this school year. Remind them how fun it will be to experience a new grade, learn new things, and spend time with family. 

Establish a Daily Routine:

Kids thrive on structure. Even though your child will be learning online, it’s still incredibly important for them to go to bed on time, have fun, and connect with friends. 

Now, it may take some time to get back into a routine, but they’ll get there.

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How to Master Positive Self Talk

How to Master Positive Self Talk

Mentally healthy people have quite a few traits in common – masters of positive self-talk is right at the top of the list.

Ready to change the conversation with yourself? Great news, you’re in the right place.

Success Comes From Doing

Wanting to feel better is a choice. You know yourself best. You know what activities make you happy. So what are you waiting for? Go out and do them!

Challenges Are Opportunities

No one ever said life was easy or fair. But it’s not just on you. We all have bad days full of challenges and obstacles.

You can either feel bad about it.

Or do what you can to turn this negative into a positive.

We All Make Mistakes

Now, this may sound cliché – but it’s true. Everybody makes mistakes.

And mistakes are not a bad thing. In fact, they are one of the best ways to learn.

You can read about something day in and day out, but it isn’t until you actually go out there and practice, that you learn.

The biggest opportunity of your life might be just a mistake or two away.

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